Cash Organizer '05

Cash Organizer '05 Deluxe

Take control of your finances

Cash Organizer is the leading financial manager for Windows Mobile® - powerful, simple to use and quite complete. Your finances in your hands.

Cash Organizer is the only financial manager for Pocket PC that brings you all possibilities of a desktop program and simplicity of use at the same time. There are no limits - you have all tools to make business reports and plan your financial future, control a budget and find additional means that you can save for realizing your dreams. It's a professional power available to everyone. Cash Organizer was developed to be your partner from a first use; there are no complicated features you must study before you can use them. Everything is as easy and clear as it can be.

Cash Organizer allows to separate your business finances from private ones, create account groups for easy bank account and related credit cards balance controlling. The unique MultiBudget technology enables to create a budget that can more than only trace category spending limits - you can specify purposes you spend money for.

Great possibilities of data sharing make Cash Organizer a really especial application. You can export your financial data not only to Excel, TXT or HTML file or financial manager (if you need a carefree synchronization with Microsoft Money® or Intuit Quicken™ click here) that supports QIF data exchange format, but to any application, just use Copy and Paste function. Cash Organizer is integrated with Contacts database as well as Calendar. Use contacts as one of transaction's properties and allow Cash Organizer to add entries to your schedule to be notified of important payments.

Cash Organizer's interactive reports offer various modes of data presentation, you can check how any value was calculated, zoom small-sized graphical elements and do not need a PC to make printouts. Any information you need at the moment is available immediately thanks to My Reports mode. Yes, you are not limited to predefined set and can create your own reports based on your most often used data filters. Additionally a currency exchange rate history table allows to return to the past and create reports adequate to that period.

A powerful, comprehensive solution for organizing your finances.

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Cash Organizer '05


Cash Organizer '05 Deluxe